I'm Andrew Carroll. You've found my personal site and home base. I am consultant and "numbers guy" based in McKinney, Texas. I grew up mostly in Northern California and went to Cal State Fullerton (in Southern California) for an accounting and finance degree. I moved my family to McKinney, Texas in 2018, which is where I work now (mostly from my home office).

I work with people and businesses of all shapes and sizes. My passion is building businesses. A great product is nothing without one! Most great ideas get lost because they don’t have a good business built to produce and deliver the product idea.

I am a big believer in my local community and in doing our part to always make things better. I'm involved in a few different things, this is the one place you can find them all!


I support many causes. You can also get information on my upcoming fundraisers.


You can work with me in a couple different ways, learn more about those ways here.


I work with a lot of fantastic people and companies. Visit ventures to learn more.

Core Beliefs

You have an obligation to stand up for people who have less power than you — if you don’t, who will?

Entrepreneurship is the key to American Dream — and needs to be encouraged.

Technology is changing the world — and nothing needs more change than the financial services arena.

Entrepreneurship is the key to American Dream — and needs to be encouraged.

Now, more than ever, people have the ability to "be their own boss" — and more people should!

More people than ever have the ability to take control of their own financial plans — and should!