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April 18, 2018

Quarterlies vs Estimated Taxes

Definitely one of the top five questions I get asked is how much people should pay for quarterly taxes and when. But many people confuse a lot of different ideas, so I wanted to take a minute to straighten them all out. There are a couple different terms/ideas around taxes and paying taxes: Quarterlies, Estimated…


February 18, 2018

Should I Hire Employees or Independent Contractors?

Do you hire employees or independent contractors when you need help? At one level, this is just a tax issue. Employees are paid via W-2 (normal paychecks). The company pays half the employment taxes (Medicare and Social Security) and the employee pays half. The company will withhold whatever amount you ask of them for income…


February 8, 2018

The Myth of the Expert

Many people will tell you that the financial services industry is changing. And it is, dramatically. But where most people think that it has to do with lowering fees or using technology to make things happen faster – I see something different. I see that the┬áMyth of the Expert is a real thing. The world…